I have been a member of the Blenheim Kent Golden Eagles for over 21 years. I started as a recreational gymnast at a sister club out of the Ridgetown Public school which only lasted for a very short time. When we came to the club for our last class, I was asked to join the pre competitive team at the Club and the rest is history. I competed as a provincial gymnast from the age of 9 until I was 18.

I earned many top place finishes including qualifying and placing in the top 4 at many Ontario Provincial Championships. I have been blessed to earn the position of Head Coach and love my job. I have had the privilege to work with many athletes over my years and strive to teach them to love the sport, become the best gymnast they can be through dedication and hard work while still having fun and learning about many life experiences they can take with them in the path that lies ahead of them.

I take pride in knowing that each athlete I coach will look up to me as a role model and that is something no words can explain, but something I cherish deeply.

Staff Members

Nicole Langstaff- Head Coach

Courtney Oriet – Women’s Competitive Coach

Angie Rupert – Women’s Competitive Coach

Bailey Robinson- Advanced Recreational & Recreational Coach/Supervisor

Ashley Evans- Women’s Competitive Coach

Ericka Dawson- Women’s Competitive & Recreational Coach

Bryar Koehler – Women’s Competitive & Recreational Coach

Grace Hodgson- Competitive Dance Choreographer, Women’s Pre Competitive & Recreational Coach

Alyssa Zandberg- Women’s Competitive & Recreational Coach

Ashleigh Bullen – Advanced Recreational, Recreational  & Pre Competitive Coach

Shawn Ladd – Men’s Competitive Coach

Paulina Maslak- Recreational Coach

Shaneysa Vickery – Recreational Coach

Emily Berry- Recreational Coach

Zoe Vermeersch – Recreational Coach

Leah Ripley – Recreational Coach

Megan Gooch- Recreational Coach

Erin Gutoskie- Recreational Coach

Brian Roffel- Recreational & Pre comp Boys Coach

Substitute Coaches

Rachel Bullen

Andrea Macko

Erin Young

Makena Morden