What should my child wear?
If you child is female, we strongly encourage your child to wear a body suit. Alternatively, tight fitting tops and shorts are acceptable as long as there are no buttons, zippers or string.  If your child is male, they can wear shorts and a t-shirt that can be tucked in or that is tighter fitting with no buttons, zippers or strings.  Hair needs to be tied back into a pony tail and no jewelry is to be worn.  All participants go bare foot!

What is your refund policy
Refunds will be granted upon notification within 24 hours prior to the second class, less a $15.00 administration fee. Refunds are not available after the second class, unless for medical reasons. Medical refunds will be pro-rated upon receipt of a doctor’s note.

Do you offer make up classes
Make up classes will only be offered if the gymnastics club had to cancel a class due to inclement weather, holiday or for any unforeseen cancelations. Unfortunately if your child is unable to attend his or her regular class there be no makeup class due to limited space in the program.

What about HST? 
Due to our club being a not for profit organization we are HST exempt, so the price you see is the price you pay!

What is AMF and why do I need to pay it?
AMF is an annual membership fee that is required for every member enrolled into a Gymnastics Ontario certified gymnastics facility in order for the athlete to be insured in the building. Every member must pay the $30.00 AMF before the athlete is able to participate in a gymnastics program here at the Blenheim Gymnastics Club. This is a non-refundable fee and is valid for one year from July 1st to June 30th.